I have a collection of midi files in .mid and .kar format. It's a collection of a very nice music. I wanted to transfer this music on my MP3 player.

As MP3 player cannot play midi files directly I had to convert midi files to wave format and then wave format to mp3 format. In this blogpost I'll show you how I converted midi file to wave format on Ubuntu Linux.

First I downloaded and installed the program Timidity using following command

sudo apt-get install timidity

Timidity is a program for playing midi and karaoke files. It can play the midi and karaoke files even if they are zipped. I used the special feature of Timidity program to output the played music to a wave file with -Ow switch. I used the following command to convert midi file to a wave file

timidity -Ows midifile

where midifile can be .mid or .kar file, this command generates midifile.wav file in the current directory.

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