Last Monday I found a software program that helps you to search Internet with very precise search parameter settings. The name of this software program is Google Hack. When you use Google Hacks you do not have to go to the Google web site to search for a file or something because all the Google search queries are readily available for one click usage.

google_hack Whether it's an application or mp3 music file or a video file you are looking for, you just have to enter search string and select the type of the search with just few other parameters for a very precise search. You don't have to know intricate search string syntax. The searches done using Google Hack are highly complex and optimized due to the choice of selecting precise search parameters. You can choose these precise parameters by just clicking on the proper option boxes and radio buttons on the Google Hack's application interface.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that searches performed by Google Hack are very precise and the results too are very simple and direct.

This program works on Windows XP and should work on Windows Vista without any problem. The program is freely available for download, You may download this program by clicking on the download link mentioned below.

Click on this link to go to the download page of Google Hack.


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