For last few days I have been busy with my new blogs. I am using WordPress platform on a rented domain. With couple of WordPress plugins I turned these blogs into autoblogs. The installed autoblog plugins post content to my blogs automatically. While preparing these autoblogs for operation I came across an interesting utility for Mozilla Firefox.


This utility is called FireFTP and it is a Mozilla Firefox addon. You just install this addon and after customization of  toolbar you get a nice small button for a FireFTP on the toolbar in Firefox. When you click on this button FireFTP client opens into a new tab. You can create new FTP account in this FireFTP client and get connected to FTP server at just a click of a button. Another good thing about this addon is that it works on all different platforms be it Windows or Linux.I found this addon very useful and hope that you'll find it too!

To go to the download page of FireFTP just click on this link.


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