Before I bought a Laptop I was using a desktop computer with two harddisk drives. One was Samsung 40 GB and the other Samsung 80 GB. But the desktop computer developed a fault on its main board and it was beyond repair. Therefore I had to to scrap the desktop computer.

The laptop I use has 40 GB internal Hard disk. Now with all the downloads and all I needed more hard disk space. There fore I decided to buy external hard drive.

hdd2usb.jpgBut then suddenly I got an idea. I just removed two old hard disk drives from my old computer and went to the computer shop. The sales person at the computer shop told me that it was very much possible to connect old hard disk drives. All I had to do was to buy a IDE to USB convertor for each hardisk. Now with these IDE to USB connector I can still use my old hard disk drives without any problem. These new external drives were immediately recognized by BIOS, Windows and Ubuntu. I could delete old partitions, create new partitions and format these from windows and Ubuntu. I even installed Ubuntu Linux on my new usb external drive made from old hard disk drive.

By just using old hard disk drives and IDE to USB connector I was able to save many $$$s.


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