If you have a Wordpress blog to which you want to drive traffic, here is a way to do so. TweetMyBlog is Wordpress plugin that makes it very easy to combine the powers of Wordpress and Twitter - driving massive amounts of traffic
to your blog. When you install this plugin on your Wordpress blog, TweetMyBlog will automatically

1) Post a tweet whenever you update you blog. The tweet will link back to your Wordpress blog, driving a ton of interested visitors your way.

2) Highlight your latest Tweets on your Wordpress blog's sidebar - while increasing your Twitter following

3) Promote your TweetMyBlog affiliate link on auto-pilot, whenever you use the plugin and Wordpress sidebar widget. Earn commissions just for posting to your blog.

And the good thing about TweetMyBlog plugin is that it is 100% free.

To get TweetMyBlog plugin for your Wordpress blog, click on this link.


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