Many Linux newbies ask me how to configure DSL In Ubuntu Linux for a broadband connection. It is actually very easy to configure. In this blog post I'll show you how to configure PPPoE dialer for DSL broadband connection. Remember to connect to the Internet using DSL connection you must have a Ethernet card which is also known as Network Interface Card or NIC and a DSL modem. Your NIC card will usually be recognized by Ubuntu Linux and will be called eth0 interface. Now to configure PPPoE dialer for DSL broadband, boot Ubuntu Linux and log into your user account. Open a terminal window and follow the following procedure.

  1. Now type a sudo pppoeconf command in the terminal window. Next you will be asked for your user account password. After entering the correct password the pppoeconf program will start with the opening screen as shown in the following snapshot. If your network interface is present in the mentioned ethernet devices, select Yes and press enter.all_devices_01
  2. The next screen will open as shown in snapshot below. Here you will be asked whether you would like to modify the configuration. Click on yes and then go to the next screen.Ok_To_modify_02
  3. Now Popular Options screen will be shown. Select Yes and press enter.popular_options
  4. In the next screen your username will be asked. Here enter the username given to you by your DSL provider. Select Ok and press enter. username_4
  5. Now your password for DSL broadband connection will be asked in the next screen. Enter your password, select Ok and press enter. passwd_5
  6. Now USE PEER DNS screen will be shown. Unless you want to modify your primary and secondary DNS just select Yes and press enter. use_peer_dns_6
  7. Next you will be shown LIMITED MSS PROBLEM. just select Yes and press enter.limited_mss_problem_7
  8. Next screen will tell you that your dsl is configured. If you want to start your Internet connection automatically at the boot time select yes or otherwise select No and press enter.done_8
  9. In the next screen you will be asked of you want to start your dsl broadband Internet connection select Yes and press Enter. Your Internet connection will be established now. establish_a_connection_9

Now to disconnect type in command sudo poff and to connect type the command sudo pon dsl-provider in the terminal window every time you want to connect. This is not necessary if you have chosen to start dsl connection while booting.


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