If you are interested in the fastest browser around then you should definitely try a new Mozilla  Firefox  browser which is called Minefield. Although it is still early alpha built, it has the fastest java script engine.

After you spend time with Firefox  Minefield, you'll surely realize that it's a fastest browser out there. Tests have shown that it 10% faster than Google's new browser Chrome. Although Chrome is still in the beta phase it is clear that its going to have performance based competition.

As the Google Minefield is still in alpha stage some browser   add-ons  like Roboform won't work with it but still it's worth to try. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

You may download Firefox  and install Minefield from following download link. After installation, Start the tracemonkey JavaScript engine by going to about:config and enabling the option javascript.options.jit.content.

Download Firefox Minefield.

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  1. Mat Cendana said...
    I saw this link at ping.bloggers.com. I see that you've just started. Keep it up, dude. And thanks for this info. I'm a Firefox user myself, and just love to try new things.

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