Hello, World!!

My name is Charles and this is my blog. Technology affects our life in many ways. Therefore on this blog I will be discussing, reviewing and providing information about technology be it about computers, mobiles, automobiles or spacecraft.


  1. Monica said...
    Hi Charles,

    Your Blog is really good which gives information of tech improvements. I want to know how can I make my Blog decently colorful and attractive.
    Charles said...
    Hi Monica,
    As I can see from your blog you are using a standard template at bloggers.com. If you want to add bells and jingles to your blog you will need to use custom template. If you'll do google search on free blogger templates you will find many sites that offer free templates for your blog. Preferably choose a template that adhers to web 2.0 technology and has 3 or 4 columns. Save your present template by going to Layout--> Edit HTML tab on your blogger dashboard and then upload the new template.

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