Backup Your Gmail Account

Now you can back up your gmail account at the click of a button. All you need to do is download a program called GMail Backup and install it on you computer. As Gmail Backup works on IMAP protocal, you will have to enable your gmail account for IMAP functionality. This you can do by logging on to your gmail aaccount and then by navigating to Settings--> Forwarding And POP/IMAP-->IMAP Access -->Enable IMAP.

Now to backup your email account, start Gmail Backup. Enter your gmail login and password in the text-boxes provided. Now select or create a  folder on your local computer where you would like to backup your gmail account. Next click on Backup button and your account will be backed up.

You can also restore the backed up data just by clicking the restore button.

If you want to tranfer the contents of your one gmail account to another just back up the gmail account you want to tranfer the contents of, with GMail Backup. Now provide the login and password details of your other gmail account and click on restore button.

Gmail Back up is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Gmail  Backup also supports Google Mail accounts.

To go to the download page of Gmail Backup click on this link.
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