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keyword_buzz.1When you want to design and promote a new website, you need to find out the keywords that can generate maximum traffic from the search engines. For this you are interested in the most profitable keywords for your niche. Manual research for keywords by analyzing each keyword by going to wordtracker and then to the search engine to estimate traffic can be quite time consuming. You can avoid this by using automatic keyword research tools specially developed for keyword research. Most of these keyword research tools are quite expensive. Therefore if you need a keyword research tool to find a profitable niche which is free and easy to use then here is one such tool called Keyword Buzz which can be downloaded for free and is quite easy to use.

Special features of Keyword Buzz:-

  1. With Keyword Buzz you can find profitable keywords for your niche or any other niche
  2. You can analyze your competition in three major search engines
  3. You can find low competition keywords for high search engine placement.

With keyword Buzz you can find out how many searches are being done daily for a particular keyword. Keyword Buzz also shows you how many results are available in Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines for this particular keyword. This is how you can estimate supply and demand for any keyword which is very important when analyzing keywords for a profitable niche.

To go to download page of Keyword Buzz click on this link.


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