Yesterday I downloaded an eBook. But I was soon dissapointed because I was not able to read the eBook on my Ubuntu Linux as the eBook was in .CHM format. CHM files, known as Microsoft Compressed HTML Help files, are a common format for online documentation and eBooks. CHM format is a basically compressed archive of HTML files with the added benefit of an index. You can view the CHM formated file on linux by extracting the html files from the chm archive or converting CHM files to pdf format.

But there is a better alternative available for reading CHM files, which is xCHM reader program. After getting this information I downloaded xCHM reader program with following command:-

sudo apt-get install xchm

With this command xCHMreader program gets installed and well integrated into the Ubuntu Desktop.Now after having installed xCHM reader I have no difficulty reading the eBooks which are in CHM format on my Ubuntu Linux.


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