Multi boot Computers

With increase in popularity of Linux based operating systems like Fedora, Ubuntu, Open Suse etc. many people have started using multi boot computers. Multi boot computers have more than one operating system installed on them. In a typical multi boot computer, one operating system is Windows and other some distribution based on Linux or UNIX. User then can boot the particular operating system of their choice and selection. Boot manager programs like GRUB offer convenience of booting the operating system of your choice and selection. Besides Linux there are few other operating systems available, which can be installed on multi boot computers e.g. Solaris, Open Solaris, BSD UNIX, QNX etc. Also with availability of hard disks of large capacities it is now possible to install full distribution of other operating systems beside Windows. In future perhaps a software specially developed for multi boot operating system may become available e.g Linux based file defragmentation utility for Windows file system or a Linux based anti-virus software which is capable of scanning and destroying the viruses on windows installation. With multi boot computers you get best of multiple operating system technologies.


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