Webcam in Fedora 10

Yesterday I downloaded the Fedora 10 live cd. I am using the kde version of live CD. The live CD booted without any problem. After loading the desktop, Using installation wizard, I installed Fedora 10 on the hard disk and rebooted. It was fun watching Fedora 10 booting from hard disk. The graphical boot system is simply out of the world.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Vimicro 301 Neptune webcam was detected by Fedora 10 as soon as I plugged it in and loaded its Kernel based v4l webcam linux driver. In Fedora 10 webcam support is available right from the kernel.

Although the webcam was properly detected and got configured automatically, I was dissapointed to find that the available version Skype doesnot work on Fedora 10. Till we get version update from Skype, I will have to use Skype from windows and Ubuntu.

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  1. Stuart said...
    Now the webcam is enabled what software do you use to publish your webcam on the internet?

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