There are times you  would like to browse the web without leaving a trace on your computer, so that others spying on you would not know anything about the places on Internet you were visiting. In other words what  you would like to do is to browse the web in privacy, This can be feature can be added to Firefox web browser by installing a special addon called Stealther. What Stealther does is disable the following:-

  • cookies
  • Browsing history
  • Browsing history in the address bar
  • Disk cache
  • History of downloaded files
  • Information saved about forms
  • Sending ReferrerHeader
  • Recently closed Tab list

These option gets cleared only when you are browsing privately. In other words the information saved before your private session remains unaffected.
This add-on works with Firefox browser versions 1 to 3.
To go to the download page of the Stealther download page, click on this link.


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