USB 2.0 is widely used to transfer the data from and various gadgets like cameras, hard disks, music players etc. This popular USB 2.0 will be updated USB 3.0. This update to USB 3.0 means that the data will be transfered ten times faster than USB 2.0.

USB specifications for data tranfer were introduced in 1996 for the first time. This USB standard has changed the way we interact with computers. USB standard allows everything from mouse, keyboard, printer, digital camera, mp3 player etc. to be connected to the computers without having a need to reboot the computers. This has what made USB 2.0 very popular.

Inspite of the popularity there are still some limitations to USB 2.0 standard due to its slow speed, inefficient power usage. These limitations will be overcome with USB 3.0 standard. USB 3.0 will be the first major update to USB standard after 8 years. The USB 3.0 will support data transfer rates of 4.8 gigabytes per second which is nearly ten times faster than current USB 2.0 standard's 480 megabits per second.

The USB 3.0 standand is promoted by USB Implementars Forum a non profit group founded by various companies.


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