gmail_responder.1 When your are on vacation or away from the computers & Internet and not checking and answering your emails, you can let the people know you are away by setting an auto responder in Gmail. It is a very convenient feature to use. It is basically like putting Not At Home sign on your door when you are away from home. Vacation responder feature sends automated reply to incoming mail.

To use this facility log on to your Gmail account. Then click on Settings. Under Settings tab select General tab. Locate Vacation responder on the General tab.

Once you have located Vacation responder on the general tab, to activate vacation responder feature select the option Vacation responder on using the radio button. Now type the subject and message in the text boxes provided. You can also reply to only those people who are in your address book and avoid replying to news letters by checking the check box Only send a response to people in my contact. That's all. Now whenever you will get a mail, automatic reply will be sent. To switch off vacation responder facility simply select the option Vacation Responder off using the radio button under Settings->General->Vacation responder.


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