I have a dual boot computer with Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. Sometimes I work in Windows XP and sometimes in Ubuntu. When I am working in Ubuntu I can easily access the windows partition from Ubuntu. In contrast to working in Ubuntu when I used to work in Windows XP I was not able to access my ext3 based Ubuntu Linux partitions which caused a lot of inconvenience. Then I came to know about the utility called EXT2FSD which allows you to mount ext3 partitions.  I downloaded the latest version of this utility and installed it under Windows XP.  The version of EXT2FSD I am using is 0.46a. Although the support for journalizing file system is still under development, in this version of Ext2FSD ext3 journal check and replay is implemented. 

EXT2FSD works as a windows driver for ext3 based Linux partitions. Using this utility you can easily mount ext2/ext3 based Linux  partitions under Windows. Ext2FSD also allows to allocate drive letters to the mounted ext2/ext3 based partitions. When these Linux partitions are mounted under Windows you can access these partitions from My Computer as any other drive. You can read as well as write to these partitions.

To go to the download page of EXT2FSD click on this link.


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