Testing YACG on Windows

After testing YACG successfully on Ubuntu Linux, I decided to test YACG on windows platform. But to test YACG on windows platform you need apache web server and PHP. I thought that I would download Apache and PHP separately but as I googled on the Internet I came across two distribution packages packages which consisted of Apache,MySQL and PHP. First one is called WAMP and the other one XAMPP. As the WAMP is much smaller than XAMPP I downloaded WAMP first. It worked without any problem. Then I installed YACG in apache server's root directory. But YACG failed. I enabled curl extension of PHP without avail. Therefore I decided to download XAMPP.

dns.4 XAMPP is much larger distribution. It also comes with FileZilla FTP server. So XAMPP is ideal for simulating actual working conditions. After installing XAMPP, I enabled curl extension for PHP and I uploaded YACG to APACHE web server's root directory using FTP client and Filezilla FTP server. I was surprised to find that YACG worked on XAMPP without any problem. I didn't even had to change the file permissions through FTP client. So if you are interested in testing YACG on windows platform I recommend XAMPP distribution.

To go to XAMPP download page click on this link.

You can obtain more information about YACG by joining YACG forum at http://forums.getyacg.com. Here at the forum you will also find the links to download YACG. Good luck.


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