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I have a dual boot Laptop with Windows XP and Linux operating system. I'm having OpenSuse version of Linux.

I usually work on Windows platform. On windows platform I use Windows Live Writer for posting to the blog.

But usually on weekends I like to boot Linux and log on. Earlier when I worked on Linux, I had to logon to my website using the web browser and do the blog posting, as there was a limited support for blogging from Linux. Through Google search I found that there are indeed some blog editors like Drivel and Gnome Blog Entry Poster that work on the Linux platform. But as I use KDE based kubuntu, I needed a WYSIWG Blog Editor that works well under K Desktop Environment. Then one day googling for Firefox Add-ons, I came across a add on for Mozilla Firefox browser. I wondered whether it'll work on Linux. I just downloaded it and installed it. Then I restarted the Firefox browser. And there it was, sitting as a small icon on the status bar of Mozilla Firefox Browser. I clicked on the icon and a small window pane opened in the Firefox web browser window. It looked just like the screenshot image included in this post. And the best thing about it was that it's a WYSIWYG blog editor. I then added my blogging accounts using the account wizard under the Blog tab by just clicking on Add button. Scribefire add on even allows you to embed YouTube video with just a click. You can even preview the blog post. For reviewing the blogpost, Scribefire sends the temporary post which gets deleted later on.

Scribefire Firefox addon supports many blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal etc.

Nowadays whenever I am on Linux, I use Scribefire to post to the blogs.

These days EEE PC is becoming quite popular. It usually has Linux installed on it. So the Scribefire add on could prove very useful to the EEE PC user who wants to post to the blog.

To go to the download page of Scribefire click on this link.


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