Now you can use your Gmail account to store files. Files can be  MP3s, ZIPs, RARs, PDFs, DOCs, TXTs etc. The files are stored as email attachments. Maximum permissible size of the file is 10 MB. In standard GMAIL interface you will see stored files as emails. To get a interface like  windows explorer to our Gmail file storage system we need to install  a shell extension program called GMail Drive Shell Extension.  After installing this shell extension we can access uploaded files in the same way as we access files on a PEN drive.

After installation of GMail Drive Shell Extension we get an icon for GMailDrive in My Computer as shown in the snapshot below.


When you double click on GMailDrive icon, a login window will open as shown in the snapshot below


In this login window, enter your gmail username and password and Click on OK button. After logging to your gmail account GMailDrive will open windows explorer type interface as shown in the following snapshot.



Using this interface you can then upload your files by dragging and dropping or you can access your already uploaded files.

To download GMailDrive Shell Extension setup program click on this link.


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