android10_gallery__463x400 T-Mobile G1 is the  first phone running Google Android . The phone  runs on Google's Android Operating  System. The application provided on Home screen on the G1 has a desktop with shortcut icons just like the one on Windows mobile devices. But unlike windows mobile offers the user three screens  for storing more shortcuts than will fit on just one screen. You can scroll between the desktops by dragging sideways across the home screen.

The G1 comes preloaded with applications like Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube Player, Google Talk and Calendar.  There is a web browser on the G1 which uses the same rendering engine as Google Chrome web browser. The G1’s browser comes with a clever multi-page window pane which  lets you surf multiple websites at the same time.

You can receive mail from Google's Gmail or any other POP or IMAP account. Email, Text Message, IM  alerts are shown immediately on the notification bar.

One-Click Google search is provided on the G1.

Other applications can be downloaded from the Android  Market. Android Market hosts services provided by the developers. Download and install your favorite software, music or games and more.



Carrier :- T-Mobile

Manufacturer :- HTC

Camera :- 3.2 MP with auto focus

Input :- Capacitive Touch Screen, QWERTY keyboard, Trackball

Operating  System:- Android 1.0

Connectivity :- Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 b/g

Battery :- 1150 mAh

Size :- 117.7 mm x 55.7 mm x 17.1 mm

Weight :- 158g


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